1001 Best Ways To Grow Plants

Keep them in the bathroom.

18 best ways to raise plants Keep them in the bathroom.I wasn’t always good at having indoor plants. My secret now to growing and nurturing them is to keep plants that require lots of water in the bathroom, so that every time I go to the restroom, I give them a bit of water if they don’t have water in the drip tray. So, location is the most important part of plant care for me.

Just Leave Them Alone!

18 best ways to raise plants Just Leave Them Alone!I recently started to grow my own small garden this year, and had absolutely no gardening experience. I got online and did ton’s of research because I wanted to have perfect plants that produced lots of vegetables (Tomato’s and Squash). I started off just like I was advised on several gardening forums, I went out and spent tons of money on pruning tools and special plant food. I kept this up for about a month and finally gave up after my plants took a turn for the worse. After about a week of me paying no attention to the plants, I noticed that they were looking perkier than ever, and I was actually getting blooms on them. They ended up producing delicious vegetables so the moral of the story is, plants just like sun and water, and they will take care of the rest. There’s no need to go crazy buying all kinds of stuff that plants can naturally do on there own.

Rabbit Pellets As Fertilizer.

18 best ways to raise plants Rabbit Pellets As Fertilizer.I have many secrets for growing a healthy garden but one in particular is my favorite. I use rabbit pellets as fertilizer. Using this technique has helped me grow a healthy and hearty garden in half the time it would have normally taken. I’ve recommended this technique to friends and they’ve had similar results including faster growing time and better tasting food.

Proper Planning Is Key.

18 best ways to raise plants Proper Planning Is Key.Some people have green thumbs; others don’t. The secret to doing well gardening is proper planning. First pick what plants you want and whether or not they will do well. Secondly, plan how you are going to water your plants. Finally, pick proper fertilizer such as fish guts which will help your garden do amazingly well.

Water Plants With Soda Water.

18 best ways to raise plants Water Plants With Soda Water.I have the ultimate secret that was passed down from my grandmother who’s thumbs were both green. I water my tomato plants with soda water. I have compared growing tomatoes with both regular water and with the soda water and the tomatoes grow much larger and taste much better when they are grown using the soda. You must grow the tomatoes in a pot when watering this way but it is well worth using the extra room on your porch. I have not tried growing any other vegetable or fruits using this technique because of how expensive it is but I bet it would be worth the extra money.

Revive Plants With A Little Coffee.

18 best ways to raise plants Revive Plants With A Little Coffee.Does your plant require a “wake-up call”? Like people, plants sometimes need a little extra zip in the morning and nothing helps revive a sagging plant like coffee. Give yourself three-fourths of the cup and your plant the remaining quarter. Try two quarter cups of java a day and see how your plant springs to life in less than a week.

Build Small Reflectors.

18 best ways to raise plants Build Small Reflectors.I have a small apartment window garden and have built little rectangular reflectors to place around my plants to gather more light. It really seems to help, especially with my tomatoes! To build, glue popsicle sticks (this is the end that will go in the dirt) to cardboard rectangles that you have painted with flat white paint. This is a good way to use up old paint & cardboard and kids love to help!

Worm Compost And Pee.

18 best ways to raise plants Worm Compost And Pee.Well, a long time ago I started a simple business, growing tomatoes plants. My plan was simple, planting the tomatoes in a small flowerpot to do something resembling a bonsai. My plant grew strong and I made mini tomatoes with a small amount of worm compost, and sometimes, instead of water, a cup of human urine…believe me….it works great!!!!

Rake And Burn.

18 best ways to raise plants Rake And Burn.When you are preparing your garden or flower beds for the coming year you can rake all your leaves into your “growing” area and burn them there before winter. After Winter rake the excess ash out and turn the dirt. This will help put a lot of nutrient into your soil.

Simply Ignore Them.

18 best ways to raise plants Simply Ignore Them.I grow orchids of all sort: paphiopedilums, cattleyas, cymbidiums and so on. The trick that seems to work best for me is simply to ignore them: I don’t dote or treat them tenderly. I grow them in a window year round and when I think about them, I provide a little water or fertilizer. I have lush plants and flowers quite regularly so I must be doing something right.

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