1001 Best Ways To Celebrate The Holidays

Make Black Friday All About Family.

13 best ways to celebrate the holidays Make Black Friday All About Family.Our family celebrates Black Friday as a holiday. We make our activities a day long event. We get up early and go out to breakfast at our favorite restaurant. Then we head over to the mall for a few hours to people watch. We head over to the next town to people watch at their mall and do a little bit of shopping. But we find it is best to wait a few weeks to do the majority of our shopping.

Celebrate Sobriety For 24 Hours.

13 best ways to celebrate the holidays Celebrate Sobriety For 24 Hours.I have been sober for twenty years and one of the things I do every Christmas Eve after I am done with my family obligations is to go to one of the 24 hour AA meetings that goes on from Christmas Eve night to Christmas night in my area. I do this for a few reasons. The first is so I can spend some time with my second family. Also I never know what is going to happen with my real family at Christmas dinner and I like to have a few meetings under my belt. Most of all I like to be there on the chance that there is someone who is new to AA there and needs to talk to someone.

Theme Christmas!

13 best ways to celebrate the holidays Theme Christmas!Our family comes up with a theme each year for Christmas. All of our gifts have to go along with that theme. Two years ago it was pirates, so we all dressed up like pirates and received trinkets, bandanas, and, of course, rum. Last year were wild animals, so we all received stuffed animals, books like “Where the wild things are” and donated some money to our local zoo. The theme keeps us coming back, but it’s the bonding that matters.

Start With Mass And Then Turn Into Santa.

13 best ways to celebrate the holidays Start With Mass And Then Turn Into Santa.My wife and I go to mass on Thansgiving morning in Washington dc. We get on or two secret Santa lists for children in need. We spend part of the weekend trying to find everthing on the list, and something that will make the child feel special. Last year, one of the boys asked for a winter jacket. We included a Redskin hat, gloves, and watch in his gift box.

Rember, The Holidays Are A Marathon And Not A Sprint.

13 best ways to celebrate the holidays Rember, The Holidays Are A Marathon And Not A Sprint.For the past five years my girlfriend and I have made it our duty to drive to several different houses to ensure we spend at least sometime with the people that we love. I spend nearly half the day on the road and making sure I do not over stuff myself on food so I ensure there’s enough room for the next house. It’s an exhausting task but you do it for the one’s you love.

Working on Thanksgiving Day.

13 best ways to celebrate the holidays Working on Thanksgiving Day.My husband always works Thanksgiving day. I stay home and make the big meal and while the turkey cooks, I start decorating the house for Christmas. As soon as he gets home from work, we eat and then spend the evening decorating our main Christmas tree together. Hokey, I know, but that is the last point between Thanksgiving and Christmas that we have any time together without other parties and family obligations that have us driving all over the place.

Spending Time With Distant Relatives.

13 best ways to celebrate the holidays Spending Time With Distant Relatives.During the holidays, spending time with family I don’t see often is the most important thing to me. I usually am just around my mom and dad, or off at school without any family around. When the holidays come around, my grandma and grandpa come over along with my aunts, uncles, and cousins that I never see. We overindulge in eating but couldn’t care less because we’re with each other.

Spend Time Decorating A Holiday Tree.

13 best ways to celebrate the holidays Spend Time Decorating A Holiday Tree.One of the ways that I really enjoy the holidays is when we as a family decorate on Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. We keep the tree up between the day of Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day. In one sense it becomes a Holiday rather than a Christmas tree, but since we are not politically correct, we continue to call it a Christmas tree throughout December!

Everyone Loves Christmas Festivities.

13 best ways to celebrate the holidays Everyone Loves Christmas Festivities.Christmas – In my family we have a very specific routine when we celebrate Christmas each year we follow the same routine. We get up open one present and then eat breakfast. Once breakfast is done we go to church. When we return from church we open our gifts and prepare to go to extended family members homes. Although more of a process than a tradition I look forward to the routine and tradition it has become and everyone gets a bit flustered if someone wishes to deviate from the plan.

Have A Fun Holiday Tradition.

13 best ways to celebrate the holidays Have A Fun Holiday Tradition.We have several Canadian friends (7 couples in all). Every New Year’s we go out to dinner to a really nice place and stay for fireworks. We break up right after the midnight fun and head home. None are drinkers so we each drive our own vehicle and some leave early if it suits them. We have been doing this for over 5 years now and it is more fun and bigger every year.

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