1001 Best Ways To Accept Mortality

Do The Best You Can And Help Where You Are Needed.

12 best ways to accept your mortality Do The Best You Can And Help Where You Are Needed.Death, mortality, loss — these things all take us right to the brink of meaninglessness, but also to the edge of all meaningfulness. The thing I’ve learned after dad died, then mom, then my best friend, then a kid from church in a downed helicopter in Iraq, then a little boy in the ER, to name just a few dear ones — just get there. No one knows what to do and no one knows what to say, but as someone said, showing up is half the battle. And once your body’s present, you’ve got to make your spirit and heart present too. So you swallow the lump in your throat, and if you’re too proud to cry you swallow that too. Then there in the Presence of being there love takes over, everyone hangs on and everyone lets go. And you find that by getting there, you’ve been able to look together over the edge and seen glory and honor and the little light that glows and goes on — and on.

Someone’s Kind Legacy Lasts A Lifetime.

12 best ways to accept your mortality Someones Kind Legacy Lasts A Lifetime.Last year I reconnected with my twenty year old cousin through facebook whose beautiful kind email embarked a beautiful future family remationship. When I came back from turkey,I learned of his sudden death of being shot and killed in California. It shook the community because he was innocent and all of us were overcome with grieve. As time passed, the only way we overcome such a tragedy was through prayer and learning his mark in this world as a young man who had kindness to all regardless of race, status or religon.

Make Peace With Yourself.

12 best ways to accept your mortality Make Peace With Yourself.My stepfather was on his deathbed for nearly two years, lingering and suffering with several diseases and ailments. I spent a lot of my life hating him for abusing me, and when he was dying, I felt guilty because I felt like I had wished for him to suffer. Once when I was visiting him, he said that he knew he had been mean to me. I said nothing, but at his funeral, I slipped a piece of paper into his suit pocket that said “I forgive you.”

Accept That It’s Inevitable.

12 best ways to accept your mortality Accept That Its Inevitable.“My grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer and she also had cancer on her liver. I was in college and devastated. I also felt helpless. For all that humans believe that they have conquered nature, we still cannot escape our mortality and harder still the deaths of our loved ones.
The only way I could come to terms with her death was to cry. I cried, fell to the floor and cried some more. I then talked to my aunts about her, I talked with them about her life and how she had lived and danced in Ireland. By talking and remembering her life, I was able to accept that she had lived and there was nothing so terrible about that.”

God Always Walks With You- In Life And In Death.

12 best ways to accept your mortality God Always Walks With You  In Life And In Death.The only way to truly deal with one’s own inevitable mortality is to be believe one thing. My only comfort in life and in death is that I am not my own, but belong, body and soul, in life and in death, to my faithful Savior Jesus Christ. Christ by his Holy Spirit assures me of eternal life. Nothing in all of creation can separate me from the love of God in Christ Jesus. That is how I cope with death.

A Disrespectful Way To Remember Your Friend.

12 best ways to accept your mortality A Disrespectful Way To Remember Your Friend.A friend in a group that I have hung out with since middle school passed away when we were in our mid twenties. We all took it kind of hard and decided the night before his funeral that we would go out and celebrate his life. We all got really drunk and ended up showing up to the funeral late and hung over, however some would say we were still drunk.

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