Recently, I re-listened to Jay Abraham’s How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be. Jay is making available for free as part of his “50 Shades of Jay” promotion and I strongly encourage you to go to Abraham.com to sign up for it. 

A friend had lent me a copy in the early 2000s and I’d really liked it, but two things jumped out at me this time:

  1. How little I’d actually retained of what Jay taught.
  2. Despite how little I had retained, how much money I’d made for my clients (tens of millions of dollars) and for myself applying Jay’s methods.

Given the number of books, articles, blogs, etc., I read and/or listen to on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, my retention of Jay’s work is the rule rather than the exception. I feel like I’ve hardly retained any of what I’ve read.

If I had invested the time and effort to learn and retain twice as much, would I have been twice as successful? Or would I have been even more successful than that?

 I also recently read that if you truly want to learn something, then you should teach it or at least write about it in a public forum. As I don’t have a class to which I can pontificate, I’ll have to settle for this website.