Men Are Not Women Who Are Not Men.

03 best ways to maintain a relationship Men Are Not Women Who Are Not Men.>Understanding the emotional differences between men and women and learning to meet each others needs. It is best to understand these differences to avoid miscommunication.  Men need to be coached to understand how women problem solve so that they know that LISTENING and affirming feelings is the way to a womans’ heart. Men tend to want to solve problems and it comes off as insincere and superficial to a woman.

Just Talk.

02 best ways to raise a child Just Talk.Spend time with kids on weekdays and weekends. Talk to your kids about everything good or bad it reall makes a big difference if they feel like they can come to you for anything.

Weekly budget = monthly savings

01 best ways to save money Weekly budget = monthly savingsThroughout this tough economy, saving money become a very important step in order to survive our everyday lives. A step I take in order to save, is to give myself a weekly budget for food, bills, and miscellaneous things. That way, I can have extra money to put in a savings towards the end of the month.

Drunken Fun.

24 best ways to have fun Drunken Fun.I have a blast hanging out with my friends competing in various ways…while drunk. We play video games, board games, card games, you name it. If a clear winner can be determined chances are we play it. Laughing and ragging on each other is a blast and of course there’s the bragging rights.

Find It On Google.

22 best ways to master computers Find It On Google.The web of confusion that we call “operating systems” can be extremely off putting. The main piece of advice that i can give you is that chances are there are some other people out there that have had the same problem. Therefore, chances are that the solution has already been figured out and can be found on google.

Count to 10.

20 best ways to cope with family Count to 10.I always count to ten before answering a question that is asked “impolitely”. This happens more than it should when you have 5 people in a house and everyone is under the same stress from the situation. Keeping your head when stress is high is important for peace.

Keep them in the bathroom.

18 best ways to raise plants Keep them in the bathroom.I wasn’t always good at having indoor plants. My secret now to growing and nurturing them is to keep plants that require lots of water in the bathroom, so that every time I go to the restroom, I give them a bit of water if they don’t have water in the drip tray. So, location is the most important part of plant care for me.

Practice smiling.

16 best ways to be beautiful Practice smiling.I practice smiling.  Everyone notices and appreciates smiles and I find that no matter who the person is, no one has ever said that so and so has an ugly smile.  Even when I’m not smiling, I work on keeping my mouth at a neutral yet pretty pose, so that no one thinks I may be frowning.

Sabre Fencing: Remain Calm.

21 best ways to coach Sabre Fencing: Remain Calm.During my first sabre fencing competition, I was doing pretty badly.  My coach told me to remain calm, advance slowly, and to alternate attacking straight on with counter-attacking.  I didn’t think my opponent would fall for it, but she did, and I won that bout.

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